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jimin loves to ‘accidentally expose himself’ *watch till the end* 1,223 notes Nov 30th, 2018. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed What is the theme of the story missing by nora raleigh baskin
nct imagine nct texts nct fake text nct scenario jeno jeno imagine nct taeyong mark if u squint there's nomin i changed layouts sorry :/ its way easier for me to do it this way also idk if im back for good! nct dream

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on Tumblr I’ll love you if you give me feedback on my work or send asks or tag me in games and stuff lol. If you know me irl then I’ll love you if you constantly support me even if that way of supporting me is straight up telling me facts and shutting down my bad decisions.

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NCT IMAGINES/SCENARIOS MASTERLIST• Philophobia.(Jeno x Renjun x Jaemin x Haechan) Nct Dream • Without you. - Jaehyun imagine. (Nct) • Stay, you're not gonna leave me.

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They’re honestly my babies along with NCT I would die for them <3 or maybe red velvet bc I rarely see fake texts or reactions for them!! thanks!! exo seventeen and red velvet are bands i love a lot so i think it‘ll be possible

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I do the following groups:•GOT7•EXO•NCT-Dream•NCT-U•NCT-127•BLOCK B•BTS... Just a blog dedicated to making scenarios, imagines, smut, and reactions of your favorite Kpop idols.

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Sep 05, 2017 · NCT 127 reaction to their parents disapproving of their alternative girlfriend. Request: “Can you please do a Nct 127 reaction to his parents not approving his s/o because they have tattoos and is a...

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R O L E P L A Y E R. all the smiles. 3 years ago + 696

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Jul 01, 2017 · haechan text scenario: both of you being idols at sm, one day you become best friends until he confesses to you | requested 🌷 nct cult au’s - text messages - reactions

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NCT DREAM + LUCAS Reaction: Having an Argument (dm for requests!) MASTERLIST . Mark: this guy would be angry at first but of course if you knew mark you would know that he hates being in negative places, he would try his best to cool down first and apologize even if it was your fault.

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nct nct jeno nct fluff nct au nct oneshot nct scenario nct imagine nct drabble nct texts nct lee jeno lee jeno nct dream jeno scenario jeno imagine jeno fluff jeno au jeno oneshot jeno texts 119 notes Apr 30th, 2018

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Mar 28, 2017 · *NCT Girlfriend* 1- Taeil 2- Hansol 3- Johnny 4- Taeyong 5- Yuta 6- Kun 7- Doyoung 8- Ten 9- Jaehyun 10- WinWin 11- Mark 12- Renjun 13- Jeno 14- Haechan 15- Jaemin 16- Chenle 17- Jisung *Dating...

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